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Unix Tutorials and Cheat Sheets

Remember, you can always type commands101 from the ACCRE command line for reminders of simple commands. You can also type history to see commands you've run in previous shell sessions. Below are some helpful tutorials and cheatsheets:

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Course Schedule

Date Topic Other
Mon, Jan 11 Course Intro, Syllabus, etc.
Wed, Jan 13 Intro to Unix, Day 1 Complete sections 1-3 of Software Carpentry Unix Tutorial (see above) and VIM tutorial
Fri, Jan 15 Intro to Unix, Day 2 Complete sections 4-7 of Software Carpentry Unix Tutorial
Mon, Jan 18 MLK Day, No Class :no_good:
Wed, Jan 20 ACCRE Cluster
Fri, Jan 22 Snow Day, No Class :no_good:
Mon, Jan 25 Git and Github
Wed, Jan 27 C programming Quiz 1 :no_mouth:
Fri, Jan 29 C programming
Mon, Feb 1 C programming and compiling programs
Wed, Feb 3 Compiling programs
Fri, Feb 5 Molecular Dynamics
Mon, Feb 8 Parallel Computing, Day 1 Read sections 1-3
Wed, Feb 10 Parallel Computing, Day 2 Read sections 4-7
Fri, Feb 12 Parallel Computing, Day 3 Homework 1 Due :anguished:
Mon, Feb 15 Vectorization and Autovectorization Resource
Wed, Feb 17 Multithreaded Programming, OpenMP, Day 1 Read sections 1-4
Fri, Feb 19 Multithreaded Programming, OpenMP, Day 2 Read sections 5-8
Mon, Feb 22 Programming for the Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor, Day 1 Slides
Wed, Feb 24 Programming for the Intel Xeon Phi Coprocessor, Day 2
Fri, Feb 26 Multithreaded Programming, PThreads, Day 1 Read sections 1-4
Mon, Feb 29 Multithreaded Programming, PThreads, Day 2 Read sections 5-8
Wed, Mar 2 MPI Programming, Day 1 Read Sections 1-3
Fri, Mar 4 MPI Programming, Day 2
Mon, Mar 7 Spring Break, No Class :no_good:
Wed, Mar 9 Spring Break, No Class :no_good:
Fri, Mar 11 Spring Break, No Class :no_good:
Mon, Mar 14 MPI Programming, Day 3 Read Sections 4-7, Slides from Lecture
Wed, Mar 16 MPI Programming, Day 4 Homework 2 Due :anguished: Read Sections 8-11, Slides from Lecture, More Slides
Fri, Mar 18 CUDA Programming, Day 1 Read Section 1
Mon, Mar 21 CUDA Programming, Day 2 Read Section 2, Slides from lecture
Wed, Mar 23 CUDA Programming, Day 3
Fri, Mar 25 CUDA Programming, Day 4 Read Through Section 3.2.3
Mon, Mar 28 CUDA Programming, Day 5
Wed, Mar 30 OpenACC, Day 1
Fri, Apr 1 OpenACC, Day 2 Slides
Mon, Apr 4 Exam Review Slides
Wed, Apr 6 Exam :tired_face:
Fri, Apr 8 Work on Capstone
Mon, Apr 11 Work on Capstone Homework 3 Due :anguished:
Wed, Apr 13 Work on Capstone
Fri, Apr 15 Work on Capstone
Mon, Apr 18 Work on Capstone
Wed, Apr 20 Capstone Presentations
Fri, Apr 22 Capstone Presentations
Mon, Apr 25 Capstone Presentations